Urban Decay Naked Palette


I tend not to fall into the trap of committing to resolutions for a new year. However, the creation of this blog has forced me to take a hard look at my collection and realize that I have a serious problem when it comes to buying new products and neglecting my older ones. 

I mentioned “shopping your stash” as a means of overcoming the equivalent of writer’s block for your face. For anyone unfamiliar with concept, “shopping your stash” is to scour your own stock of products before resorting to (insert your beauty retailer of choice here) to fill perceived holes in your collection. You might just have the products you need to inspire you in your own stash. As much as I love expanding my arsenal of makeup and makeup accessories, I’ve spent entirely too much money on products I’ll only use a few times before moving on to something newer and more exciting. Now, I’m not saying I’m cutting down on my beauty shopping this year–I already have virtual carts filled on various websites. But for 2019, I want to revisit some of my old favourites that have sadly been neglected over time. 

Let me tell you the story of my first true love, the first makeup item I saw and needed, the first product over which I’ve ever pined, my first Sephora purchase ever: the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I was about 16 when I first saw it start popping up in YouTube makeup tutorials. The only eyeshadow I owned at that point was a hand-me-down MAC eyeshadow pot and a Revlon quad that cost me $14, a price-point that left me shocked and appalled at how much makeup could cost. Little did I know. Long story short, I fell in love with the Naked Palette, was introduced to Sephora, shelled out $54 for coloured brown powder in a velvet-coated cardboard box, and my world was forever changed.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Fast-forward about seven years and I have more eyeshadow than I care to admit. As a result, my once-beloved Naked Palette now rarely sees the light of day. This makes me kind of sad–not just because I spent so much money on it for it to gather dust, but because the one product that sparked my love for the world of beauty would no longer bring me the joy it once did.

So for 2019, I plan to bring my Naked Palette back into my regular rotation of eyeshadows. I’ve already been using quite a bit this month and I don’t know why I ever stopped. Looks are quick and easy to coordinate, the shadows are smooth and pigmented, and the shades flatter my colouring. So much love.

Here are some other products I plan to reintroduce into my collection for 2019:

Drugstore Lipsticks

Pile of drugstore lipsticks.

A small sampling of my drugstore lipstick collection.

While I don’t have any specific shades I’d like to revisit, I realized that my oversized lipstick collection contains a considerable amount of drugstore products that I neglect in favour of my more expensive lipsticks and glosses. I’m a bit conflicted, though. Lipsticks have a much shorter shelf life than powder products. I don’t want my mid-range to high end lip products to go bad before getting sufficient use from them. But there are so many amazing drugstore lipsticks in my stash that I would love to wear more often. At the very least, retrying different brands and formulas I already own will help me decide what I love most in a lipstick at all price points and will eventually help me pare down my collection (and spare me some money when I’m tempted to buy more lipstick from any and every brand).

Coloured Eyeliner

Collection of colourful eyeliners.

Some of my colourful eyeliners.

It’s hard to incorporate coloured eyeliner into my everyday makeup looks that I try to keep somewhat tame for school and menial errands. But purple eyeliner is pretty. Green eyeliner is fun. Metallic teal? Burgundy? Navy blue? Why bother owning these if I’m never going to wear them? Life’s too short to forget about the fun stuff. So, I plan to start wearing more coloured eyeliner, even if it’s just to visit my grandparents. 

I recommend checking out this great post by Lifestyle with Lauren for some inspiration for paring down your makeup collection to something more manageable. While I don’t have the same willpower to part with some of my beloved hoard, I love the idea of pulling some of my older or under-used products to the forefront and giving them the love they deserve.

Which products do you own that could use a bit more love? Let me know below, and make sure to follow this blog for more posts like this one!

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